Since few people have the time to read very much these days, here is a soundbite overview of the COVID-19 situation:

1 – Science exists to give us answers to our technical problems (like what we should do regarding COVID-19).

2 – We are in extremely dire circumstances, as our COVID-19 policies are not based on real Science, but rather political science (i.e., politics).

3 – The primary fault for this departure from Science, is the Medical Establishment (WHO, FDA, CDC AMA, etc.).

4 – Some of the horrific consequences from getting off the Science path regarding COVID-19 policies are:

a) 500,000± Americans have died unnecessarily,

b) Trillions of dollars are being wasted, and

c) Our rights and freedoms have been seriously eroded!

If you’d like a slightly expanded, layperson explanation, please read this.

The first group of reports below, are my small efforts (as an independent physicist) at separating the wheat from the chaff. Below that are some sample reports from other sources that should be helpful in answering most COVID questions. Enjoy!

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Report #1: Scientific Observations on the Medical Establishment’s Handling of COVID-19 (12-1-21)*

Report #2: The FDA COVID-19 Drug Approval Process: Remdesivir vs Ivermectin (12-16-21)*

Report #3: COVID-19 Mask Mandates: How Effective and How Safe? (1-19-22)*

Re COVID-19 Injections —

Table: COVID-19 “Vaccine” — Some Pros and Cons (10-13-21)

COVID-19 Vaccine: Safe & Effective? (12-22-21)*

NEW: Should Children Get a COVID-19 Injection? (1-12-22)*

We Would Get a COVID-19 Vaccine, If… (9-29-21)

Responses to Some Vaccine Mandate Promoter’s Positions (12-28-21)*

Outline of Some Lawsuit Options for COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Objectors (9-26-21)

Misc Re COVID-19 —

Documentary: Doctor’s Orders (12-10-21)*

NEW: Comparing COVID-19 Early Treatment Oral Pharmaceuticals (1-23-22)*

COVID-19: Prevention & Treatment Suggestions (12-26-21)*

NEW: What is a Physician’s Job and Obligations? (11-27-21)*

What Schools Should Do For COVID-19 (11-18-21)*

How Do We Determine Whether a Therapy is Effective? (11-12-21)

NEW: COVID-19: Why We Are Losing (12-28-21)*

NEW: Fueling An Epidemic? (12-26-21)*

Food For Thought: Comparing Climate Change to COVID-19 (9-1-21)

The Russian/ChinesePlan to Bring Us Down (2-25-20)


Some other worthwhile COVID-19 Reports, Documents and Commentaries:

Re COVID-19 Therapies —

Thorough list of scientific studies on 30 potential COVID-19 treatments (current)

Ivermectin is effective for COVID-19 when used early. Analysis of 73 studies (current)

Directories of Physicians who may prescribe Ivermectin: here, here and here (current)

Overcoming Barriers — Getting Ivermectin Prescriptions Filled and here and here (current)

I-MASK Early Outpatient Treatment for COVID-19 (9-1-21)

World Council of Health: Early COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines (21-17-21)*

Early COVID Care Experts (12-1-21)

The FDA’s War Against the Truth on Ivermectin (10-18-21)

Report: India’s Ivermectin Blackout – The Secret Revealed (9-27-21)

Short Video: Dr. John Campbell discusses COVID-19 response by India (9-22-21)

Short Video: Dr. John Campbell: Ivermectin or Molnupiravir (10-5-21)

An extensive collection: COVID-19 Preventions and Treatments (current)

Re COVID-19 Injections —

Summary: Moderna Short-Term mRNA Injection Efficacy & Safety Data (current)

Summary: Pfizer Short-Term mRNA Injection Efficacy & Safety Data (current)

Summary: Johnson & Johnson Short-Term mRNA Injection Efficacy & Safety Data (current)

A site collecting data for adverse vaccine reactions: React-19 (current)

List of State laws, pending and enacted, regarding vaccination (current)

Study: Eighteen medical conditions that can lead to adverse COVID-19 injection outcomes (9-17-21)*

Study: Johns Hopkins: Immunocompromised — Fully Vaccinated and Not Protected (7-14-21)

Study: Some effects of mRNA vaccine on immune system (5-6-21)

80 of the most common adverse events reported after Covid-19 vaccination (current)

Exclusive Summary: COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns (current)

Archbishop Viganò’s letter of concern re COVID-19 vaccines (10-27-21)*

Safe & Effective? – 78% of COVID-19 deaths among Vaccinated (10-3-21)

Short Video: Israel’s Alarming Data (9-17-21)

Short Video: COVID-19 Vaccine Data From Singapore (9-25-21)

Short Video: Use common sense to do a COVID Data Comparison in 3 countries (9-16-21)

The Spartacus Letter (9-26-21)

Re COVID-19 Injection Mandates —

Powerful, 3 minute video about an acclaimed nurse being terminated [Audio ON!]  (12-18-21)*

Members of Congress and Their Staff Are Exempt From Biden’s Vaccine Mandate (9-17-21)

The Totalitarian Roots of Vaccine Mandates (9-2-21)

Some Resources to Stop Mandatory Vaccinations (8-26-21)

Individual Choice and Bodily Autonomy vs. Vaccine Mandates (8-22-21)

COVID-19 Mandates Will Not Work for the Delta Variant (8-29-21)

When Employers Practice Government Tyranny (8-13-21)


137 Research Studies Affirm Naturally Acquired Immunity to COVID-19

Study: Vaccinated healthcare workers carry 251x viral load of unvaccinated (8-24-21)

Study: No Relationship Between Vaccinated People and New COVID-19 Cases (9-30-21)

Study: COVID-19 Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals have similar viral loads (7-31-21)

Misc Re COVID-19 —

Corey’s Digs: COVID Resources [Extensive] (12-21-21)*

Study: Durable and broad immune memory after SARS-CoV-2 infection (7-20-21)

15 Studies: Acquired immunity from COVID infection is more robust than vaccines (8-25-21)

More Than 400 Reports on the Failure of Compulsory Covid Interventions (12-1-21)*

Excellent: Six COVID-19 facts we’re in danger of forgetting (9-15-21)

Open Letter from Healthcare Professionals (10-7-21)

COVID has Replaced Climate Change as the Religion of the Left (10-4-21)

COVID was a dress rehearsal for global climate change (8-12-21)

Short video: Have You Heard the Buffalo Paradox? (8-21-21)

Looking for a rapid COVID-19 test? A few things to know before you buy one (9-2-21)

How the Pandemic Is Changing the Norms of Science (9-8-21)

Fox guarding the henhouse? Yes, indeed! (9-27-21)

The smear campaign against the Great Barrington Declaration (8-2-21)

Report: The Masked Ball of Cowardice (8-29-21)

Video: Special Investigation — What Really Happened in Wuhan (9-27-21)


For more COVID-19 reports, etc, please search over the Media Balance Newsletter 2020 Archives & 2021 Archives.

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* These are updated or new references, added since the original posting of this page.


Note that nothing in this webpage should be misconstrued as giving medical advice.

We recommend that for all medical issues that citizens consult with a licensed physician. 

For all medical decisions patients should become well-educated — including getting information from different perspectives — so that (with their physician) they can then make informed health decisions.

This is essentially what is spelled out in the Nuremberg Code.

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